The 3rd International Kurds Cartoon Forum 2022FB

 Caricature art is comprehensive and diverse in life: so Center 7 may be the third international
art center to hold an international meeting of Kurdish cartoons (portrait of Sherko Bemeduk)
as the most prominent poet of the new era-

Terms of participation:

- Cartoonsters can participate in two work-

- The size of the A3 and the 300DPI dial-

- The work must be new and has not been participated in any exhibition or festival before
and has not been published-

- The deadline for receiving the work is 1/7/2022 and after that date no work will be received-
- Any work that does not contain conditions will not be accepted-

In the third meeting» the award will be given to the three winning cartoons:

First Prize $ 500

Second Prize $ 300

Third Prize $ 200

Send caratomy to the following email


Sherko Bekshadi is one of the most famous Kurdish poets awarded the Tokholsky Prize in
Sweden in 1988; in 1968 he published the first poetic divan called "The Poem Triffa" and in
1970 he was one of the poets who wrote poems They have established new Kurds and trans-
lated their poems into most of the world?s living languages published poems about patrio-

tisms love of land and womenÿs rights» and published 44 poetry poems in Sweden in 2013-


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