International Humor & Satire Award/Italy 2022


"GENIUS AND REGULARNESS - Madness as a creative engine"

Invitation to the Competition "GENIUS AND REGULATION Madness as a creative engine"
The Cultural Association Civitellarte and the Municipality of Baschi organize
the (INTERNATIONAL) Crazy Cartoonists contest
for humorous and satirical costume cartoons on the theme:
"GENIUS AND REGULARNESS - Madness as a creative engine"
The competition is open to designers from all over the world, without any territorial limit
You can submit up to five unpublished works, made with any technique, in color or in white e
black, in the maximum format A4 (21x29.7 cm).
The works must be received no later than 24.00 on 1/6/2022
at in .jpg, .tiff or .pdf format at a resolution of 300 dpi,
together with the participation form (different for adults and minors, in the latter case it will be
a parent to send us the form).
NB: individual files must not exceed 5 MB in weight
5 - JURY
President of the Jury -
Mayor Municipality of Baschi
Other Jurors
Deputy Mayor of Baschi
Councilor for Culture Municipality of Baschi
President of the Civitellarte Association
President of the Ovo Pinto Museum Association
Curator of the Opera of the Cathedral of Orvieto
Biennial Curator of Todi
1st Prize - plaque + basket of local products
2nd Prize - plaque + basket of local products
3rd Prize - plaque + basket of local products
Award for the best work of an Italian cartoonist. Plaque + Basket of local products
"Audience VOTE" Award for the work most voted by the public. Basket of local products
The Jury reserves the right to report further works, which will not receive prizes and to exclude from the
announcement of
tender, at its sole discretion, any works deemed unsuitable for the proposed theme or not
ethically correct.
During the exhibitions of the works there will be the possibility for visitors to indicate their work
preferred to compete for the award of the "1st Prize voted by the Audience".
By participating in the competition, the authors transfer the non-exclusive right to publish the works on
any support for promotional purposes without having anything to claim as copyright.
Participants will be distributed on-line the "CATALOG CIVITELLARTE Vignettisti Pazzi" with the
collection of the best participating works.
7 - Inauguration of the EXHIBITION
18 June at 5.30 pm inauguration at Sala Brizzi Civitella del Lago.
Important cartoonists from all over Italy will speak during the event
they will create autographed caricatures and cartoons, as well as selfies for dissemination activities
of the initiative on social networks (instagram, facebook, etc.).
You will find some works participating in the competition and the cartoonists at:
- Civitella del Lago - Porta Todina, Piazza Umberto I, Porta Orvietana
- Baschi - Piazza della Chiesa, along the characteristic Buchi
- Acqualoreto - within the ancient core


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