3rd EDITION OF the International  Festival of cartoon in Africa
Jury members

 3rd edition of the International cartoon Contest - Morocco 2019 -





Luc Descheemaeker - Belgium
Luc Descheemaeker (1955) is a Belgian cartoonist and humour photographer with the artistname 'O-SEKOER'.
Retired art teacher.
Jury member in:
Cartoonfestival of Knokke-Heist, Belgium
Euro Kartoenale Kruishoutem, Belgium
'Peace through Children' Izmir, Turkey
Salao Internacional de Humor de Piracicaba 1999, 2014 Brazil
Bookcartoon Tehran, Iran 2017
Salt & Pepper Prešov Slovakia 2017
Winner of the 2nd prize in the United Nations Political Cartoon Award New York (USA) in 2014.
He had several personal exhibitions in Knokke-Heist, Torhout and Kruishoutem in Belgium, Piracicaba and Sao Paulo in Brazil Bratislava in Slovakia and the 3th International Bookcartoon Contest Tehran, Iran.
4 books:'Hersenschimmen' 1983, 'De Katte Loog' 1988, 'O-SEKOER Cartoons' 1999 and 'O-sekoer Cartoons' 2015.
His award list counts more then 250 international prizes from Around the world.


Mary Zins

 is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist based in the US.  She studied illustration, design and fine art at Cleveland State University.  She has worked as a graphic artist for the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and Cleveland Museum of Natural History and has been a freelance illustrator for over 12 years. She is a member of the Union of World Cartoonists, Cartoon Movement, United Sketches and Le Crayon.  Her work has been exhibited in many international exhibitions and has received several international awards.  Her work has also been highlighted in Modern Times Review, Librexpression, Union of World Cartoonists Magazine, Tomato Cartoon Magazine, Cairocature, Cartoon Home Network International and Bir Kitap Bin Dost.


Larbi Sebbane

 Considered the doyen of caricaturists in Morocco
According to Larbi Sebbane, the caricaturist lives haunted by his work and is always looking for ideas for his works. "He is concerned about the problems of society," he says.
A committed cartoonist, Larbi Sebbane is a founding member of the League of Arab Caricaturists. He began his professional life as a teacher of drawing before practicing the job of caricaturist in the print media. In 1978, he contributed to the creation of the first satirical cartoons newspaper in Morocco. But he managed to make himself better known when he worked in the daily Al Alam. He has become one of the leading cartoonists in the Arab world. He was banned from the press in 1986 and 1987 for his political guidance. In 1981, he received the prize for the third exhibition of caricatures in Damascus, Syria. Larbi Sebbane was awarded in 1991 by the prize of the exhibition on "The Third World" in Egypt. He was distinguished in 1991 by Radio Tangier as the personality of the year. At 69, Larbi Sebbane has lost none of his dynamism and love for his job. He continues to enrich, through his works, the art of cartoon.


He was born in 1969.
He's been drawing cartoons for 35 years!
He drew cartoons for various magazines and newspapers, received awards from competitions, participated in exhibitions, published research articles on cartoon in magazines.
He is currently vice president of the Union of World Cartoonists!


TAYO Fatunla 

is a Nigerian Comic Artist, Editorial cartoonist, writer and illustrator and Editorial cartoonist. He started his cartooning career drawing for Nigerian local and national newspapers. and magazines. TAYO is a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Art school, The Kubert School in New Jersey, US. His Black history cartoons OUR ROOTS are used for educational purposes in school books, Newsletters, journals and for presentations. He illustrated the award-winning digital comic for the award-winning BBC World service titled HOOKED and has produced African Kingdom illustrations for The British Museum. His body of work includes cartoons drawn on social issues such as Poverty, Press Freedom, Aids, Hunger , Genocide, Famine and Disasters. His work has featured in the Paris based Courier Internationale magazine and the UK based Guardian newspaper, Guardian UK online and in numerous print and web publications around the world including Cartooning For Peace. TAYO also has produced comic pages for DC Comics and the SPIRIT OF LAGOS comics in Lagos, Nigeria. He has held exhibitions of his cartoons and cartoon workshops in countries like the U.K., Nigeria, South Korea, Cameroon, Finland, France, Ethiopia, Spain, the U.S., Egypt, Algeria, Belgium, Italy, Israel and Ireland. TAYO was awarded Crayon de Porcelaine for his contribution to press cartoons internationally at the Salon International Dessin de Presse & Humour, St- Just-le-Martel, France and in May 2018 TAYO was presented with the ECBACC Pioneer lifetime achievement award (PLA) for OUR ROOTS – Famous Black People in History.


liu qiang

 Liyang Flower Photoshop,the first floor of Xirui Express Hotel,  opposite Yidong Shopping Center, Zhai Yingnan Street, Yuhua District,  shijiazhuang City,  hebei Prov,China

Won the international competition awards:
2014 The sixth Cyprus International Cartoon Contest in  won the Honor Award.

2015 China The 10th UCCEP  international environmental cartoon painting contest won  1st Prize
2015 International Cartoon Contest theme Colombia won the fourth place

2016 The 3rd China Shandong International Network Comics Competition won the Silver Award
2016The Results Of Festival Maya Kamath India Best Foreign Cartoon 2.
2016 Macedonia themes of the International Cartoon Contest Honor Award wasawarded

2017 Lebbeke BelgiumInternational Cartoon Competition 1st Prize
2017 the fourth China Shandong international network comic contest won  1st Prize
2017 Hungary  of International Environmental Cartoon Contest  1st PrizeIn
2017The 6th Sejong International Cartoon Contest SICACO / Korea  won the Silver Award
2017 the first international comics competition of the Spanish World News Agency won third
2017 Romania's third  double theme international Satirical Art Salon competition won the "sleep" theme third
2017 The 9th Medplan International Humor Comic Competition in Brazil won the Excellence Award.
2017 The Russian new year comics international comic contest won an honorary award
2017 Columbia (the theme "flashing is not gold") the international comic festival won the ten best Medal of honor

2018 The solo exhibition is on display at the Bangalore Gallery in India with 50 works on display. At the same time, the exhibition has been published in India's six newspapers and the Indian manga website.
2018 Morocco  African International Comics Festival 1st Prize
2018 Mayan Festival Kamaz India's Best Outer Cartoon Show Result Honorable Mention
2018Received the Special Award of the Turkish Theme Don Quixote International Comic Contest Jury
2018 the International brazil Amazon Humor Festival 1st Prize
2018  Freedom Comics Alliance International Competition won the Silver Award
2018 Italy theme Wine International Comic competition Honorary Award


Radu Iaţcu - IATZCO

 born on April 5, 1956 in SUCEAVA (Romania). From 2009 he was established in France as a sejour from 2012.
"Ştefan cel Mare" College from Suceava;
Art School of Suceava, DECORATIVE ART section, Prof. Elena Barda, workshop mentors - painter Ioan Carp Fluerici and architect Vasile Marcu;
Architecture Studies at "Spiru Haret" University of Bucharest, Romania;
Debut in the press cartoon in "Zori Noi" newspaper in Suceava; Collaborations with newspapers and magazines in Romania - "Urzica," "Rebus", "Flacăra", "Scânteia tineretului", "Litoral" (Constanţa), "The Red Flag" (Petrosani).
Between 1985-1990 - photojournalist at the "Steagul Rosu" newspaper in Petrosani.
Collaborations in post-December press - "ZIG-ZAG," "Expres", "Morning", "Still Love".
1982 - debut at a collective exhibition in Suceava. Collective expositions Focşani, Bistriţa, Vaslui, Costineşti, Petroşani and Bucharest.
Personal exhibitions
1982 - Suceava;
1986 - Petroşani;
1988 - Petrosani;
2011 - La Roche sur Yon - Vendée - France;
2018 - Ethnographic Museum - Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2016 - initiator in the ANTHOLOGY -CARTOONS project; 2018 - creator of anthologycartoons.eu website.
2018 - founder and chairman of the Art Association Without Borders Association - "Saul Steinberg" -Rm.Sarat, ROMANIA.


Fawzy Morsy

Name:  Fawzy Morsy Fawzy
Fawzy Morsy was born in 12 September 1978, in Cairo, Egypt.
 - The Founder & the Coordinator of the International Cartoon Gathering, Cairo
- Cartoonist in October Magazine.
- Was published in Al-Ahram Newspaper, Pilkaja Magazine, Buduàr Magazine,  El Kalima Newspaper, Caricature Magazine, Al Resha Newspaper, Tabibak
  Al Khas Magazine, Bassem Magazine, Bezra Magazine, Al Forsan  Magazine, Samir  Magazine, Qatr El Nada Magazine, Al Arabi Al Saghir Magazine.
- A Member of the Egyptian Journalists Syndicate.
- A Board Member of the Egyptian Caricature Association.
- A Member of FECO, Egypt.
- Ambassador of Good Humor Party in Egypt.
  - Honorable mention in the 1st International Cartoon Contest, Bulgaria, 2009  
- Special prize in Smile Anapa International Cartoon Festival, Russia, 2010
- Honorable mention in the 19th Daejeon International Cartoon Contest (DICACO),      Korea 2010, 2013, 2014
- The 3rd Prize “Bronze Trophy” in the World Humor Awards, Italy, 2017

- Jury member of the 2nd International Cartoon Festival, Kosovo, 2016
- Jury member of the 1st International Cartoon Contest, Morocco, 2017
- Jury member of the 9th International Cartoon Contest “La Ciudad de las Ideas”,
  Mexico, 2017
- Jury member of the 4th International Cartoon Exhibition Sisak, Croatia, 2018




Nour El Yakine FERHAOUI

was born in 1973 in Oran, Algeria, graduating from the National School of Fine Arts in Oran. The young photoreporter and cartoonist has worked for several Arabic and French newspapers as a journalist, photojournalist and cartoonist. An active member of FECO Europe (Federation of Cartoonist Organization - International Press Federation), Nour El Yakine has already presented his journalistic career throughout the world, as well as in France, Canada and the United States, including the international caricature fair. , press and humor drawing of Saint Just Le Martel, the international press drawing and satire festival of L'Estaque (Marseille) and the International Salon of the city Le Poinconnet entitled '' Actu Papers ''. His beginnings in press design have been successful. His first exhibition of humor drawing was inaugurated at the French Institute of Oran formerly French Cultural Center with the support and support of the cultural service of the French Embassy in Algiers. In launching into the field of journalistic satire, Nour El Yakine has not only learned but also rubbed shoulders with internationally renowned personalities in the field such as the famous Plantu, Dilem, Tignous and Cabu and the American Cagle. By thus piercing the political caricature, Nour El Yakine has tried to venture into the world for the sole purpose of enriching his experience in the field, exercise with greater independence and express his vision with greater freedom. With the support of the French Ministry of Culture, Nour El Yakine was able to carry out an international workshop residency at Château de Goutelas, as part of the Odyssée 2015 program.

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