The Moroccan  Association  of cartoon"MAC "


After several previous attempts to create it, the Preparatory Committee of the "Moroccan  Association of cartoon" finally held, on April 14, 2018 at the Maison des Jeunes Iben Khaldoun at Mohammedia Morocco, its constituent General Assembly.
After reading the charter, its discussion and certification in the presence of a panoply of professional cartoonists and caricaturists of Morocco, it was proceeded to the election of the members of the Executive Bureau of the association. It was then that the vote designated the cartoonist Naji Benaji President, Farid Oidder Vice President, Derkaoui Abdellah Secretary General, Jallal Hajjir Treasurer, Aissa Wahbi, Mhadi Brahim, Hicham Chafik, Hamid El Moulki, Aissa Wahbi and Nourdine Houal, advisors.
Until then dependent on associative structures and sponsorships because of the absence of a strong base, the constitutive office will work henceforth, through mac, to promote in the first place the literary and artistic scope of the "art of the Moroccan cartoon "nationally and internationally. Also, it is planned to establish a legal framework to defend alongside this art and its practitioners in Morocco.
According to Naji Benaji, Chairman of the Mac, the goal is to promote cartoon and press design. "Ultimately, the goal of the mac is to promote the cartoon as an art that serves the print media and the media." Benaji Naji also spoke about the interest and the role of cartoon in the freedom of the press. "In addition to promoting caricature as an art and profession, it is the demand for a freer press that the mac will work to highlight in order to guarantee freedom of opinion in accordance with Article 19 and the human rights Declaration ". "So it will work on challenging the issues of caricaturists and their rights and the mobilization of various forms of support for this profession," he said.



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