Jury Members-FICA 2023-




Zainab Dashti (Kuwait), ALMO THE BEST (Cameroon), Tarik Bouidar (Morocco), 
Juan Gabriel Benavides (Spain )António Santos (Portugal), Jean-Loïc BELOM(France) 

Samir Diallo(Burkina-faso) Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran)Cival Einstein (Brazil) Jalal hajir (Morocco),


Zainab Dashti (Kuwait)

Member of the Board of Directors of the Kuwaiti Cartoon Society/ Member of the Kuwaiti Society of Fine Arts/ Member of the International Art Association in
Paris/ Member of the Harvard Medical Association/ Member of the Kuwaiti Pharmacy Society/ An illustrator for Al-Rai newspaper
local awards
Fourth Fine Arts Festival Prize
Technical Workshop Award of the General Authority for Youth and Sports
Photography award in the Public Authority for Corruption competition
Kuwait Festival Award for Fine Creativity
Fine Arts Award by Mabaret Al-Baghli Lalben
National Bank of Kuwait drawing competition prize. Draw a smile
The first category award for the Shukran Festival 2, organized by the Martyr’s Office / the Amiri Diwan
a race


Tarik Bouidar (Morocco)

Rik, whose real name is Tarik Bouidar, is part of the new generation of Moroccan caricaturists who have a very personal reading first of their work, then of the news as it should be declined in drawings and caricatures. Rik has a solid background. He is a laureate of the Higher School of Communication and Advertising Com sup. With a scathing sense of humor and a piquant line, Rik quickly made his mark within the drawing and caricature community in Morocco. We readily recognize a style that he defends, a very personal line of conduct, a well-defined message, all thanks to works that follow the same line of requirement first in treatment, then in terms of choice. of his subjects. His caricatures are today for many drawing enthusiasts, another way of telling the news and making fun of it while tickling its contours with an ever so satirical pen.


Juan Gabriel Benavides (Spain )

I was born in Concepción( Chile). I studied grafic drawing. I moved to Spain where I live more than 30 years ago. Humorous drawing has been my hobby since I was a teeenager.

I have been drawing my whole live. In recent years I have participated in different cartoon contests around the world.


António Santos (Portugal)

Santiagu was born in Arcozelo, V.N. de Gaia in 1968 and at the moment, he is living in Gatão, Amarante. He has been an Art Teacher since 1994 and he illustrats several school textbooks for some publishers. Presently, he is the main artist of the Newspaper Flor do Tâmega in Amaran ...


Jean-Loïc BELOM(France) 

Jean Loic Belhomme(Belom) was born in 1950 near Rennes. He devours the adventures of Mickey and Tintin before trying his hand at drawing. A baccalaureate in pocket, he spent a year at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Rennes before obtaining a University Diploma in Literary Studies in psychology and then a BTS in advertising. 

After working in a graphic design studio, Belhomme became artistic director for various advertising agencies. In 1982, encouraged by the publication of his first drawings in Le Pèlerin, La vie, Djin or Formule 1, he gave up advertising to go into comics. 


Nahid Maghsoudi (Iran)

I was born in Alborz – Iran, I'm a bachelor's degree in psychology and member of "Iranian 
Psychological Association
Winner of more than 40 national and international cartoon festivals
Entering major cartoon exhibitions in many countries around the world including: Turkey, China, Iran, 
Colombia, Kosovo, India, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Kenia, United kingdom, Colombia, Malaysia, 
Slovakia, Portugal, Poland, Egypt, Italy, Morocco, Romania,….
Printed works in more than 80 cartoon festivals and Catalog.
Jury :
Member of the jury of the International Cartoon Contest ” Mirasimiz”, Turkey, 2018, 2019 , 2021
Member of the jury of the cartoon contest ”Subway”, Shiraz, Iran 2021
Member of the jury of the International Cartoon Contest, Büyükçekmece,Turkey, 2022
Member of the jury of the International Cartoon Contest “Taxtion”, Shiraz, Iran, 2022
Member of the jury of the ISCF Cartoon Contest, Portugal, 2023
Member of the jury of the 2nd International Cartoon Competition “Sinoplu Diogen”, Turkey 2023
Member of the jury of the International Cartoon Contest, Büyükçekmece,Turkey, 2023


Samir Diallo(Burkina-faso)

Diallo Samir Moctar is a talented designer from Burkina Faso. After undertaking literary studies, he made a courageous decision in 2023: to abandon the 1èreA class to re-enroll at INAFAC (National Institute for Artistic and Cultural Training). This decision allowed him to perfect his drawing skills.
Subsequently, Samir seized the opportunity to follow an internship in video editing at TAM-TAM Production, where he quickly demonstrated his exceptional skills in this field. Thanks to his keen eye for detail and his creativity, he was able to handle editing tools with ease, bringing images to life and creating captivating visual narratives. His skills in video editing were noticed and appreciated by his trainers and colleagues, which opened up new opportunities for him in the audiovisual sector. This versatility as a draftsman and video editor makes Samir a complete and promising artist in the artistic industry.


ALMO THE BEST (Cameroon)

En 1991, ALMO THE BEST est repéré par Pauline Biyong présidente de la League for Woman and Child education et directrice de la publication du journal La Cité, qui, malgré son jeune âge lui propose d'effectuer des piges pour animer ses pages avec un strip de bande dessinée (Ignace le grincheux) et quelques caricatures. La même année, Robert Nkouamou qui lance le journal Lycées et Collèges le sollicite pour réaliser chaque trimestre une demi-page de bande dessinée. Ainsi naîtra le professeur Ekwa Sion. On peut remarquer que dès le début ALMO s'exprime avec aisance en caricature et en bande dessinée ; cela va se poursuivre dans la suite de sa carrière, puisqu'il va écumer dans pas moins d'une quinzaine de rédactions.


Cival Einstein (Brazil)

Cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator

Published since 1999 and interests in SESC Shows 
Humor (CE - Brazil 2005), 

Drawing writers Romanian MARI ROMANI
and IL Caragiale UN OMAGIU Planetar (Romania 2005-2012)
Itinerant Exhibition Internazionale D'Arte! - Razzismo colored and environment (Bari - Italy) in 2013.

Magazine satirica as former European KIKS (Serbia), 

Magazine DADZIS (Latvia) 

NOSOROG (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

National magazine Rivista as MINO (Fortaleza), TRAIN (itabira - MG).

Participation in National Competitions and Festivals and abroad, taking awards in Serbia, Romania, Brazil, Argentina
among others.

Invited to be jury member in the contest The 19th 
International cartoon contest - Haifa in 2013.


Jalal hajir (Morocco)

Jalal Hajir is what you might call a specialist in children's drawing. For this cartoonist and comic book illustrator, born May 6, 1979, in Casablanca, it's all about passion and perspective. “I experienced the evolution and changes both at the level of the press, but also at all other levels. And I try to remain vigilant so as not to lose sight of the true realities of my country, which I express in my own way, with irony and sometimes with a necessary reminder”.
Jalal Hajir can now boast of having a very good experience in the field of political cartooning and themed comics, with clear messages. Jalal Hajir has already published a lot of caricatures on several electronic boards and national and international websites, all asking for a fair look, a good reading of society with a scalpel analysis of everything related to the news. . Jalal Hajir is also an illustrator of several series of comics for some Moroccan magazines for children (from 2007 to 2010). “For me, drawing is first and foremost a vision of what makes the news in the world, beyond Morocco. Of course I look at my country and I try to capture what is going well and what is not going well to highlight it. This is the role of a good draftsman.” Currently a cartoonist for an international website specializing in political cartooning and also a member of FECO Morocco. He won the special prize at the second Holocaust competition in 2016 in Iran.

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