Jury Members-FICA 2022-





Rasha Mahdi  Egyp

Graduated from the faculty of fine artists Graphic Section "Cartoon and Animation"1997 Helwan university Egypt
Member of the organization of Egyptian fine artists
Described to be one of he pioneers of Arab women cartoonists who worked as editorial cartoonists since 2002

Her work was published in most famous Arab newspapers,magazines and websites
Focusing on Human ,women and children’s rights
Chosen manny times to be one of the jury members of international cartoon competitions
Participated in different exhibitions "Dubai,Kuwait,Jordan,Lebanon Uk, and France France
Currently working as editorial cartoonist ,children’s books illustrator and graphic designer
Presenting live cartoon art workshops for children and adults in cartoon festivals and cultural centers
Won many international cartoon awards dealing with human rights and global affairs


Marco D’ Agostino was born in 1963 in Pescara on the Adriatic coast of Italy.
He was faschinated by drawing at a very early age. Recognising that he had talent, his father gave him an easel, canvas and tempera paint as a gift for his 7th birthday. Nothing has stopped him drawing from that moment on.
During his childhood he created hundreds of drawings, sketches and caricatures of his teachers and classmates. His
recent work is now recognized and appreciated at both a national and international level.
In the ’80s he also learned the art of engraving. His has participated in various national and international exhibitions
and festivals, that have earned him numerous awards. But this only lasted for a short period, he very quickly returned to his former passion, the pencil. He began to draw illustrations experimenting with different drawing and colouring techniques, and finally preferred watercolour to the pencil.


Omar Diakité "ODIA", cartoonist: News scratcher.
Icon of caricature in Senegal, Omar Diakité, better known by the signature of "Odia" continues to amaze his world with his poetic and biting inspiration. This one brightens the cottages as much as it shakes the conscience. But behind this genius of the brush hides a man with many facets.


mbarek bouali  is a Moroccan cartoonist living in Canada. He published his first drawings in Al-Alam and l'opinion at the end of the eighties, and in 1996 he officially joined Al-Alam newspaper, immigrated to Canada and occupied a number of Arab and Canadian newspapers and newspapers. He participated in many national and international caricatures forums. He held many exhibitions in Canada, America, Spain and Morocco. Now he works as a cartoonist and journalist for the Moroccan website Hespress. He presents theatrical performances in the field of comedy


Valeri Alexandrov – Walex
Cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator, poster, comix and animation films,
Chief of Cartoon Section of Union Bulgarian Artists – UBA 2019-2021; 2021-2026
Goodwill Ambassador for Bulgaria of Poland - Good Humor Party ... GHP-BG,
Goodwill Ambassador of Red Cross Bulgaria,
Coordinator for Bulgaria - Foundation for the Freedom of Arts - Tehran, Iran,
Associate Editor of Frances-Romanian Anthology Cartoon Magazine "Week-End",
Vice-president of Asociația Culturală "ArtA Fără Frontiere - Saul Steinberg – Romania,
Organizer of Spring Weektoon Sofia, Bulgaria and Autumn Saloontoon "Cartoon foyer",
Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union


Naser Jafari
Cartoonist at AlGhad Daily Newspaper, Palestine, 2012-Present Managing editor at almaqar news website 2012 - 2014

Cartoonist at Alarab Alyawm Jordanian Daily Newspaper , 1997- 2012 Prepare the main caricature in the last page of the newspaper which covers various local, Arab and international political issues using different techniques to aid in reaching the concepts for the readers effectively. Produce a weekly page in the newspaper which focuses on the art of caricature Cartoonist at Al-Quds Daily Newspaper, Palestine, 1998-Present Prepare the main caricature in the last page of the newspaper specializing in Palestinian affairs in addition to caricature that represent various daily social aspects. Cartoonist at Al -Bilad Daily Newspaper, Ramallah, 1995-1997 Produce the main caricature in the last page of the newspaper and prepare sketches for short news stories and Portrait drawings


Seyran Caferli was born in 1966 in Imishli, Azerbaijan. His first cartoon was printed in comic magazine “ KIRPI” in 1982. He was graduated from Journalistic Art Institute in 1992.
His cartoons more 1000 were printed in many albums  of the international exhibitions and competitions. In 2002, the first "Cartoonists Union of Azerbaijan" has established and till 2006 he worked as President of this organization. He was organizer of international cartoonist competition “Molla Nasreddin” which was the first competition in Azerbaijan history that continued 4 years.. He organized “Smiling Cat “ International Cartoon Competitions. Now he is the Director First International Cartoon News Center "Humortoons International"  Web site and Chief-editor “Humor” international Cartoon magazine. He is a board member of Union World Cartoonists ( UWC). He took part as Member of Jury in more than 50 international cartoon competitions. In international cartoon competitions, he awarded prizes, Grand,  first, second, third places, gold, silver and bronze medals, including more than 160 awards. His 2 cartoons were included as permanent exhibit in Italy and Austria cartoon museums. He opened individual exhibitions in Iran (2003), in Turkey ( 2011, 2016 ) France (2012) Belgium (2018) and in Slovakia (2019)


Barro Abdoul Kader (BURKINA FASO)
Caricaturist, painter illustrator, cartoonist author and also 2D animator and filmmaker in the production of cartoons.
He sketches the news through drawings that he publishes on social networks. Published in the press such as the Baskent Postasi in Turkey and the Portuguese-speaking magazine Incomunidade.
He also works in the development of books for children's literature, animated films and participates in caricature and cartoon festivals around the world.

Ameen Alhabarah "Saudi cartoonist”
I was born in SAUDI 1986
I have begun the publication since 2017
Chemistry teacher , Master of Science in Polymer Science from KSU
-Member of cartoon movement-Netherlands 2021
-Member of Birkitabpindost magazine/Turkey 2022

- 2015 Third prize - Integrity Club competition at King Saud University / Saudi Arabia.
- 2020 First Prize - Competition to Enhance Loyalty and Belonging at King Khalid University / Saudi Arabia.
- 2020 First prize - Mag Toon competition on the theme of hope / Norway



Naji Benaji. Moroccan cartoonist
Director of the International Festival of Caricature in Africa (FICA) in Morocco
Artistic director of the International Festival of press cartoons and caricatures (FIdc) in Morocco
President of the Moroccan Association of Caricature (MAC)
President of FECO Morocco
Representative of the UNION OF WORLD CARTOONISTS (UWC) in Morocco.
Founding member of the school of caricature of Sfax Tunisia

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