the 5th edition of THE INTERNATIONAL

The 5th edition of the International Cartoon Competition - Morocco 2022


The weekly Le Canard Libéré IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE Moroccan ASSOCIATION
of caricature (MAC)
And the ASSOCIATION atLas de la caricature(AAC)
International Festival of caricature in Africa fica 2022
Anyone who participates in the competition subscribes to the conditions of the rules and to the
Jury decisions.
Themes: 1
Man, a danger to the planet

Conditions of participation in the competition
The number of works per participant is limited to 2 (two). The works cannot have been published, or exhibited, or have won awards in Morocco or abroad.
Format: A4, 300 dpi, JPG / JPEG and free techniques
 Deadline :

01 dec 2022
Works that do not meet the conditions set
In these regulations will not be taken into consideration for the competition.

The following prizes are planned:

First prize (duck).
Second Prize (Africa)
Third prize (pencil stroke)
six special prizes

Cartoons should be sent to:



Because of his participation in the competitions, the author lends his works to the organizers for exhibitions. The works sent remain at the disposal of the organizers for two years.
• The jury members will be considered as participants in the exhibition
And represent their own countries.
Their names will automatically be added to the list of participants
(They will participate only in the exhibition, Not in competition (just participation of honor).
• Works may be used for promotional purposes
(Printing, websites, newspapers, posters, invitation cards ...)
Without the permission of the artist and without any payment.

Themes2: sketch Of the cartoonist

Mohamed Filali



Mohamed Filali, this native of Essaouira in 1949, at the age of 19, decided to "go up" to Rabat to seek his fortune there, armed only with his lost talents. We are in 1969. And as it was necessary to earn a living, the young Mohamed proposed some caricatures to the daily Opinion.

Seduced by the stroke of the pencil as daring as it is intelligent, the leaders of the organ of Istiqlal were quickly going to hire him.

And there you have it, Mohamed, bombarded caricaturist designer, who is quickly noticed by increasingly daring boards. He still remembers his first clearly committed caricature: the drawing represented a man and his little boy looking up at a figure floating in the air, a towel in his hand. The latter strangely resembled the Minister of Finance at the time. In the bubbles, the child said to his father “Look at daddy, he is flying”. “But what is he stealing? replied the father. “It happened without censorship getting involved,” recalls Mohamed Filali.

Meeting with censorship

A good reason to be bold and dare to draw more and more incisive designs. “The authorities were always quick to censor the writings. But it was more complicated when it came to drawings. They were, after all, “mikiates!” This will last until the day he commits an openly anti-American box, criticizing the United States' commitment to Viet Nam; then another attacking the Algerian government. It was enough for us to be more interested in his case. Mohamed Filali escapes a kidnapping attempt, and the "accidental" exposure of his car will cause him some burns, but will cost his life to the person who accompanied him.

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