International Shiraz Metro

Cartoon Festival 2021


Metro and clean air

Internatiolnal Shiraz Merto Cartoon Festival 2021
theme: Metro and clean air
Size: A3
DEADLINE:  21/4/2021

Amaong Iranian  Metropolitan Cities, Shiraz is the only one y-that has "clean air"!
We woukd like to maintain and improve this situation so that the birds and butterflies return to our city. Therefore, Shiraz Municipality Metro Organization will hold the International Shiraz Metro Cartoon Festival in May 2021 (Ordibehesht 1400), simultaneously with "Shiraz week".
This organization respectfully and proudly invites all cartoonists from all over the world to create and submit their works to participate in this festival.
Ahmad Reza SOHRABI
Festival Secretary

1- There is no age limit to participate in the festival
2- The performance technique is free
3- The size of the artworks must be A3
4- Artworks can be black and white or in color
5- Each participant can submit a maximum of 5 works
6- Along with the artworks, the participation form of the festival should be filled in andsent
7-  The festival secreteriat has the right to use the works in printed books, brochures, catalogs, and urban advertisements
8- Form competition and work submission means accepting the terms and conditions of the festival
9- The email to  submit the artworks is:
10- Submission deadline: 21/ 4/ 2021
11- Exhibition opening and judgement: "Shiraz Week" / May 2021
12- Announcement of results: May 12th
13- Secretariat address: public relation and international affairs. Shiraz Municipality Metro Organization Khabarnegar St. Shiraz. Iran

- Owners of the top 5 works of the festival will be awarded a plaque of the festival and a special prize from Shiraz Metro
- Owners of the 100 final works will be awarded a plaque of the festival




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