the 5 International Green

Crescent Cartoon Contest- 2021


The Green Crescent is organizing an International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest to draw attention to addictions in our country and the rest of the world while raising awareness among the youth. We aim at delivering strong messages about our struggle against addictions, which cartoonists from all four corners of the world will devise by adding humor to their cartoons, to the public through this year’s contest, which will be the fifth.

Subject Matter of the Contest: “The New Generation and the New Generation Addictions”

We have selected the topic of this year’s cartoon contest as “The New Generation and the New Generation Addictions.” We expect the cartoonists to focus on the causes of addictions, how they spread, their consequences, effects of the pandemic, and online betting and online gambling additions within the framework of that theme. We aim at sharing the power and effect of healthy life with the world and young people from the perspective of cartoonists. We would like to thank the outstanding cartoonists for their valuable contributions in connection with that topic in advance.

1st Prize 12.500
2nd Prize 10.000
3rd Prize 7.500

3 PEOPLE  3.500
Success Prize 3.500
Mazhar Osman Prize ( About Mazhar Osman )

All award winning artists will be given a plaque and travel and accommodation costs will be covered.

Metin Peker
President of the Cartoonists' Association and Cartoonist

Prof. Dr.
Peyami Çelikcan
President of Science Board of Green Crescent

Şevket Yalaz
Özcan Çalışkan
Event Unit Manager of Green Crescent and Cartoonist
Fethi Gürcan

Cartoonist and Winner of 4th International Green Crescent Cartoon Contest

deadline 31/1/2021


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