2020 RULES
1 Any professional artist or amateur can participate in this contest.
2 The subject of the contest is the SNAIL.
3    The participants can send a maximum of 3 works to compete, as long as they have not been awarded previously in another contest.

4    The works (only in frame, you can’t send strips or comics) can      be made with any pictorial technique, with unique format of A-4 size (210 mm X 297 mm) or proportional.

5    It will only be accepted works without words, in Catalan, Spa- nish or English language.

6    We only accept works sent to the following e-mail: tecnologia@ where you can send 3 images which have to be A4 format or a similar one and with an acceptable resolution for prin- ting. We will not accept any work sent by mail.

7 The term of work admission finalizes on the 3th April 2020.
8    The works must go accompanied of a card that includes the name, surnames, address, telephone and photographs or cartoon of the author.

9    An only prize will be granted, to the winning work, of 1,013 euros (amount on which the tax deduction will apply); and the trip to Lleida for two people and, if therefore it expressed the winner, two nights of lodging in the city with dates to establish by the organization to attend the collection of the prize that will give on 22th of May 2020, coinciding with the inauguration of the XLI Aplec del Caragol. It is recommended not to vary the dates of the trip since the expenses that any change of the arranged date generates are in charge of the winner.

10 The decision of the jury will be unquestionable.
11 The Jury will be composed by people representig the Fecoll, Azul Marino Viatges and Escola Ermengol.

12 The decision of the Jury will be notified to the winner during the last two weeks of April or the first two weeks of May 2020 by electro- nic mail and it will be later published to the Web of Escola Ermengol (Instagram, Facebook) and of Fecoll www.

13    The author of the winning work will have to give the original work in hand the day of receiving the award or by certified mail properly protected, to the organization of the contest, if the author cannot come to receive the award in person. If the work is done by digital, a copy signed by hand by the artist it will have to be send. The direction of the Federació de Colles de l’Aplec del Caragol is: C/Obra- dors, 2. 25002 LLEIDA.

14    A maximum of 50 works, selected by the jury, they will be exhi- bited in the Fecoll social place or, if necessary, in other enclosures.

15    The electronic version of works could be visited the virtual ga- llery that will be published after the websites of Escola Ermengol and Fecoll.

6 The organizers reserve the right to spread and to reproduce the winning work and the other selected, only during the promotion of the Aplec and this aid in futures convocations, without express au- thorization of the author or authors, and without that represents no obligation respect of the artist.

17 The participation in the contest supposes the complete accep- tance and without reserve of these bases. Any doubt that can arise will be solved by the Jury.

Lleida, 2020 January

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