Algerian cartoonist "Nime"

detained for his drawings


The draftsman widely appreciated on social networks has been placed in pre-trial detention "because of his works".

Algerian cartoonist and cartoonist Abdelhamid Amine, better known under the nickname "Nime", has been placed under a warrant by the court of Oran; this Thursday, November 28th. His next court appearance is scheduled for December 5.

Arrested on Tuesday, November 26 by plainclothes police officers who landed in his advertising agency "Creature"; the designer was arrested and all his computer equipment was requisitioned; says the CNLD.

The designer arrested "for his works"

The arrest of Nime would be linked to his latest works in favor of Hirak. Indeed, the talented artist had the gift of summarizing the Algerian news through his striking works of truth.

His most iconic work remains "The Elect"; with reference to the enthronement of the "next president" in Algeria. His canvas has also been widely shared on social networks.

This new arrest adds to the list of arbitrary arrests that has been growing in recent months. The alarming fact lies this time in the fact that "Nime" becomes at his expense, the first Algerian artist to be incarcerated for his drawings.

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