Theme: Environment and Climate Change

“Driven by technological development and economic growth, our world is subject to constant changes.
The problems of global warming, deforestation, extinction of plant and animal species, depletion of natural resources
and pollution are all associated with these changes, issues which threaten life on the planet, its nature and our future.
“Aware of the changes since it was founded, Kaplanlar Refrigeration has always striven to develop eco-friendly products and services,
to reduce carbon footprints and support sustainable living. In fact, we believe that the cooling and refrigeration
sector can make a positive contribution to the challenge of getting climate change under control.
“Therfore, with the aim of keeping the public's attention focussed on environmental issues, Kaplanlar Refrigeration announces
its 'International Cartoon Competition' on the theme of 'Environment and Climate Change.'”

2. Participation Deadline: December 31, 2017

3. Participation: Each participant may submit up to 3 works.
The works should be in 300-dpi jpg format and in A4 size (21x29.7 cm).
The works should be sent to cartoon@kaplanlar.com
4. The cartoons may have been published before but they should not have been awarded in any other contest.
In order to identify plagiarization and similarity, the cartoons sent are going
to be published on the Facebook account of Kaplanlar Refrigeration:
  https://www.facebook.com/kaplanlarsogutma    between the dates 2-9 January 2018.
The objections raised after these dates are not going to be taken into consideration.

5. By participating in this competition, the artists who have sent their works to the competition are going to be deemed to have accepted that they have given all rights of use of their works (such as poster, newsletter, TV commercial, internet, exhibition, invitation, brochure, calendar, CD, DVD, video etc.) to Kaplanlar Refrigeration Industry and Trade Inc. on condition that they are not going to be used for commercial purposes.

6. Jury Members:
Ahmet Aykanat (Cartoonist)
• Mehmet Kahraman (Cartoonist)
• Cüneyt Şenyavaş (Cartoonist)
• Halit Kurtulmuş (Cartoonist)
• Kürşat Zaman (Cartoonist)

• Kaplanlar Refrigeration Industry and Trade Inc. Representatives (4 persons)
7. Prizes:
1st prize: $ 1.000
• 2nd prize: $ 750
• 3rd prize: $ 500
• Honourable Mention: $ 250
• Honourable Mention: $ 250
• Honourable Mention: $ 250
• Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, ÇYDD Special Prize (Award Plaque)
Anatolian Cartoonists’ Association Special Prize (Award Plaque)
8. The results of the competition are going to be declared on 16 January 2018

9. Contact Information:
Person in charge of the organization: Mrs Derya Sönmez
Tel: + 90 224 2610573 (667) E-mail: dsonmez@kaplanlar.co

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